The promotion is solely for new customers of either a GET FIT or STAY FIT subscription and extends these basic services with a group coaching only.

The coaching is limited to the time of three months (or twelve weeks), which is as long as the duration of the build-up program of the GET FIT and STAY FIT subscriptions. The first day of the three months group coaching is Monday of the trial week.

The trial week of the GET FIT and STAY FIT subscription will remain. If a customer cancels his subscription during the trial week, the right to participate in the group coaching expires.

The coupon code can be used once per person and is valid for three consecutive months. After three months, each client is requested to cancel the subscription. Otherwise, it will continue and the usual charges will be applied.

The term "group" refers to all customers who have registered using the promotion code. All registrants will be separated into two groups — one for German and one for English.

Coachings happen periodically (weekly) and only in the group. Individual coachings are not possible. The duration of one coaching session is limited to one hour. Before the coaching session, all group members are asked to ask their questions or topics they would like to talk about in advance. There is no guarantee that every question will be answered during one session, but our coaches will give their best.

The coachings are online-only, and we use Zoom as conferencing software. Missed meetings will not be refunded or rescheduled. Sessions will be recorded and made available to the group members on our website.